ABOUT Aliu Oluwafemi Royal

Aliu Oluwafemi Royal is the Founder of Nigeria’s Agric-tech Organization, MyFarmbase Africa ( leveraging ICT/digital media for quality research, extension and sustainable agricultural development in Sub Saharan Africa.

Femi was named amongst 2017 AAIN top 20 young Africans at the Africa Agribusiness Youth Challenge in Ghana, he was also a nominee of 2018 TSL Africa Prize for Agriculture, the 2018 Future Africa Awards, dubbed African Forbes Award and 2018 Ogun Youth Awards Prize for Agriculture in recognition of his amazing work in the Agriculture sector.

He has spoken at 2 TEDx talks on “Smart Agriculture and Technology” in Nigeria and more recently, he has been a major Agric-tech speaker at key events in Western and Eastern Africa.

He recently presented his paper titled “Leveraging Technology to boost Food Security in Africa” at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and at the invitation of the Rwandan Government, he engaged world leaders of the UN and the Rwandan Cabinet members at the Climate Change and Green Growth Policy Strategy Dialogue in Kigali, Rwanda. He was also a key driver of the #Sexyfarming Campaign with a major farm tour engaging smallholder farmers in Kampala, Uganda.

He is currently the Community Manager for Binkabi, a Singapore-based company ( that launched the world’s first blockchain based agriculture commodity trading and financing platform in Africa and overtime, his work has been centered  around the use of technologies like Blockchain, Robotics, Drones, Artificial Intelligence and Soilless agriculture technologies.

He believes that the increasing adoption of Agric-tech in emerging economies will not only help to end hunger and malnutrition, it will help boost food security in Africa.



Long Profile


Aliu Oluwafemi Royal fondly called “Femi Royal” is a Social Entrepreneur whose work is at the intersection of Sustainable Agriculture, Digital Technology and Youth Development in Africa.


He is the Founder of Africa’s Agricultural Technology Organization, MyFarmbase Africa, a social enterprise that leveragesdigital technologies to foster quality research, extension services, agribusiness services and sustainable development for youths, women and smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Femi is a passionate agricultural development professional experienced in Agric-tech, ICT for Agriculture, Climate Smart Agriculture and Food security related themes with 5+ years’ experience deploying and fostering adoption of emerging technologies for Agricultural research, extension and development in Africa via



Based on his passion and experiences, Femi has been a much sought-after speaker on themes bothering on Agric-tech, digital Agriculture and sustainable agriculture. He has also been a 2 times TEDx speaker and a lead speaker at various high-levelled events across Eastern and Western Africa.His book, “Smart Farming” was recently made public and was greatly accepted by African youths, just as his podcast, “AgroLatest podcast” also has a wide listenership.

He has vast experiences leading and working in multicultural teams across Asia, Europe and Sub Saharan Africa designing and executing both Agricultural and non-agricultural projects for underserved youths, farmers and women in Africa towards building a peaceful and inclusive society.

Femi leads Nigeria’s operations of Binkabi, a blockchain based agricultural commodity trading and financing company with offices in Lagos, Singapore, London and Hanoi. He calls himself a TECHIE FARMER and he is passionate about recent technologies that anchors tropical agriculture in the 21st century.

He was recently invited to present his paper on Agric-tech at the African Union Headquarters in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa while the Rwandan government also extended their courtesy to him as a delegate to the Climate Change and Green Growth Policy Strategy Dialogue at the Kigali Convention Centre in Kigali where he engaged with top leaders of the UN, Rwandan Cabinet members and made his invaluable contributions.

In recognition of his strides, Femi was named amongst African Agribusiness Incubation Network top 20 young Africans at the Africa Agribusiness Youth Challenge in 2017, and in 2018, he was also nominated for TSL Africa Prize for Agriculture, Ogun Youth Awards Prize for Agriculture and the Future Awards Prize for Agriculture.

He is also very skilled in digital communications, PR, digital marketing, project management, policy advocacy, youth development and he has had cross-sectoral experiences across the different sector leading projects and mentoring entrepreneurs in Africa through engagements with organizations like Fate Foundation, Leap Africa, Google, Ford Foundation, Wikipedia, United Nations Association etc.


He believes that the rise of Agric-tech in emerging economies will help end hunger, malnutrition and promote food security.

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