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Being the Full Text of my Speech to Community of Writers of Top-Notch Writers Organization at Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo State
Good morning dear writers.
By way of introduction, writers are gods: God was the first writer, he wrote the 10 commandments, do you want to be a god, be a writer, lol and by the way, according to the holy books, everyone is a god.
In 2008, my writing journey started and I was actually inspired to start writing after studying the bible cover to cover, I was full to capacity with serendipities, new ideas, concepts etc., and then I had to look out for a channel, call it a tool, to share it to the world, there you go, writing showed up.
Truth be told, I was somewhat the poorest student in English language in my high school days, my English teacher always picked on me, we were as cats and rats, real enemies, you know why? I had a poor command of English, my essays were usually colored with the red pen and graded poorly, I was poor with expressing myself, and so for an essay of 500 words, I could just put up 4 lines. I really never passed English.
But anyone would ask, how would a student who failed English Language consistently ever become a Writer, an A-class write for that matter? We are getting there.
During my O-level exams, I did all within my power to study hard and the outcome was a C6, the “oriyomi” grade and thankfully I exited high school in peace and being the first time to have a C in English but note that I usually pass my courses, all of it in high grades but English was just my nightmare.
In the course of time, I took further interest in the Language and I took time to learn some more on my own, taking a cue from my mum who learnt to speak English on her own through reading and the dictionary, I followed in her foot step.
I spent a good time learning sentence and structure, grammar and all, then I faced my fears, I began to write the first nonsense that I could write and if you actually read it, you would understand what I meant by nonsense, it was too error-loaded, lol.
I spent 2 years writing and writing, of course reading was an important priority for me, I proceeded to writing articles, and then essays, then books and I haven’t had a reason to stop ever since. I went a notch higher by posting my articles on Facebook, my friends read them, posted feedbacks as comments beneath the post and I felt good about myself.
As the journey continued, I noticed that rather than inspire people with my writings, I spent time entertaining them with too many vocabularies. I wrote like a Hon. Patrick Obiagbon when he speaks, sometimes like a Wole Soyinka and because my dictionary was my best friend as at then, I usually use up to 5 new words in every sentence.
Even as I felt good about it, my readers didn’t understand, they wouldn’t be needing to use a dictionary every minute in a 500 words article, that’s stressful. Many times, they just laughed at me and as a smart guy, I got the message, I had to tone down on the vocabularies. I began to do simple and simple writings, I wanted every Tom, Dick and Harry reading to get my message, afterall, it was for them, not to grease my ego.
Beyond personal writings of mine that has inspired thousands of people to better their life and the simplicity that amplified the inspiration, I saw a need to create a community of writers so as strengthen our inspiration and encourage the positive vibe. To this end, I founded, Top-Notch Writers Organization, the very reason I am here today to talk with you guys. The beautiful thing about the community is the fact that it has built many new writers who have learnt from my story and are now impacting their world through their writing. This gave us the opportunity to be awarded 2 times best Organization on campus at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, it is indeed surreal and I am happy at what your chapter is growing to be.
A lot of time, people bump into me and they go on to thank me for how inspiring I have been to them. A particular girl in Rwanda or so, had to repost all my writings, recommended me for an international conference and I was so glad.
Sometimes last year, I took a 20-day writing challenge and I had an average reader base of over 100, 000 people in more than 15 countries and with feedbacks from them all even on my social media platforms, you can follow me up to confirm this. I hope to do something of that sort soonest.
Even when I was a journalist on campus, thousands of people read my feature stories on Tribune, the Nations and other national dailies I write to and it keeps getting clearer to me by the day that writing is a tool for inspiring people across the board but every writer must pay key attention to developing their art.
To close, please note that
If you don’t read, writing will be very difficult for you.
If you write and you do not have a channel to get it to some select readers, it is an exercise in futility.
Thinkers generate sufficient inspiration to activate others, if you don’t think deeply, you need to start doing so.
You can make money as a writer but you have to write valuable materials.
Keep writing, write better always and never stop, that’s the way to sustain the inspiration your writing creates.
I remain grateful to my brother, your president and his team for having me here today, I do hope you make the best of what you have learnt.
Thank you
Femi Royal

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